Vector BSA

Adaptive wheelchair Vector BSA – all-rounder with swiveling leg supports

The Vector BSA is a rigid frame adaptive wheelchair with swing-away leg supports. On top of that, the Vector BSA, like the classic Vector, can be adjusted very precisely to the user’s physiological capabilities – regardless of the chassis. And it has the same extensive range of equipment features.


To the
frame colors
HMV number:

Seat Width

30-46 cm (+ 4 cm)

Backrest height

30-50 cm (+ 5 cm)

Seat Depth

34-50 cm (+ 4 cm)

Driving wheels



4″, 5″, 5,5″, 6″, 7″


120 kg

Adaptive wheelchair Vector BSA – Overview

Vector BSA, like the Vector, is an all-round adaptive wheelchair, but also with swing-away leg supports

  • Perfect adaptation to the therapeutic demands of each individual user, from childhood to adulthood
  • Sizes from 30 – 46 cm seat width
  • frame versions: straight or aducted
  • Standard and XL- frame height possible
  • Hemi-Adapter for seat height reduction (e.g. to patter)
  • Individual adjustment of the seat unit without affecting the wheel base
  • Stable and smooth handling with minimized effort
  • Growable in three dimensions
  • Variable wheel camber (0° / 2° / 5° and 8°)
  • Many cloth, colour and component options
  • German Aid Index Nr.


Starrrahmenrollstuhl Vector BSA mit abgeschwenkten BeinstützenDetachable leg support

Vector BSA combines the features of a rigid frame wheelchair and the advantages of  a detachable leg support. It can swing out and be detached completely. This way the user can get closer to the daily things in life. The transfer in and out of the wheelchair can occur closer and can therefore be managed by the user themselves. Or they can use the rest of the strength in their legs to patter. The swing up leg support can also be used as a rest, for example after an injury and/or to prevent thromboses etc.


Adaptive wheelchair Vector BSAGrowable without additional parts

Of course we thought of the efficiency principle with the Vector BSA. This way the Vector BSA grows, as the Vector, without buying additional parts up to 4 cm in seat width, up to 4 cm in seat depth and up to 5 cm in back height.




Finely adjustable adaptive wheelchairAdaptive wheelchair Vector BSA

The Vector BSA has the same precise settings and the same range of equipment as the Vector.

All measurements such as: gripping point, the length for turning the driving wheel, seat position, seat angle, axle plate position, back angle, legroom, leg stretch angle and camber can be changed at any time with little work. Even after purchase! This way it is easy to react to anatomical changes or needed modifications for treatment.


Adaptive wheelchair Vector BSABack tubes can be moved

With the Vector BSA, the back unit can be moved backwards by 4 cm by fitting an adapter. This extends the seat depth (distance from the front edge of the seat to the back tube) by 4 cm and gives you more space to the rear, e.g. for fitting a seat shell. The back cushion of the seat shell can therefore be levelled out, which is a great advantage for the sitting position in the wheelchair.

Technical details Adaptive wheelchair – Vector BSA
seat width 30 – 46 cm (+ 4 cm)
seat depth 34 – 50 cm (+ 4 cm)
back height 30 – 50 cm (+ 5 cm)
lower leg length up to 51 cm
max. load 120 kg
wheel sizes 22″ – 26″
caster size 4″, 5″, 5,5″, 6″, 7″
Front seat height 39,5 cm – 55,5 cm (Reduction possible with Hemi adapter)
Rear seat height 34 cm – 56 cm
Wheel camber 0° / 2° / 5° and 8°
Back angle 80° – 120°


Therapeutical approach

Vector stands for all the power and motivation that can be retrieved from the manifold opportunities of active self-determination this new allround wheelchair offers. Vector opens new ways of exploring the environment in an active, independent way, which is the prerequisite for anyone who wants to develop and define their own individuality.

The basic necessity for this active way of life is a reliable “companion” in all situations. This is why Vector is constructed as a strikingly sturdy but at the same time remarkably lightweight rigid wheelchair to face all the daily and special challenges of an active lifestyle.

Many challenges, one solution! Vector’s new frame concept is one of the most flexible and variable on the market! Whether you decide for a straight, an abducent or an adducted frame, whether you need 20 cm or 46 cm seat width, whether you require an activity chair or a base for a seat shell, Vector is designed to meet all your needs. Of course it is available in many different colours and  comes in manifold equipment variations. And if that is not enough, our specialists are keen to create a customized Vector-based wheelchair for your very individual needs. The Vector BSA can grow in seat depth and width 4 cm and in back height 5 cm, without having to switch parts. It remains amazingly flexible and thanks to the manifold component options, it is suitable for (almost) all demands.With its detachable leg supports the Vector BSA supports you in further areas of daily life.

The Vector BSA offers the full stability and sturdiness of a rigid frame wheelchair and additionally all advantages of detachable leg supports. It’s your choice.

Standard Version

  • rigid aluminium frame – straight, with 6 cm abduction or aducted – extendable by 4 cm in seat width and seat depth, and by 5 cm in back height
  • seat support frame adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • seat angle adjustable (up to 13°)
  • seat cover individually adjustable
  • adjustable back cover
  • standard wheel lock
  • standard wheels with aluminium handrims or profile wheels with inlay handrims
  • pneumatic or solid tyres
  • standard casters in 4“ – 7“ or transparent casters with LEDs
  • many different finish alternatives: shiny, metallic, coarse structured or dormant


Further equipment components

  • firm aluminium seat plate
  • anatomically formed seat and back parts
  • different moulded firm back variations
  • back adjustable in angle from 80 – 120° and completely stowable
  • many different seat- and back-cover fabrics and designs
  • different leg supports adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • special and design wheels
  • drum brake
  • caster equipment and track fixation
  • special handrim covers and inlays
  • different side guards and arm rests
  • different head rests
  • different push handle variations
  • safety wheels with foot control, adjustable in height
  • different brake lever extensions
  • truss pads
  • single-hand aids and double handrims
  • waist belt and heel loop
  • crutch holder and tipping lever
  • backside bag (attachable to back tubes)
  • therapy table variations
  • Hundreds of different spoke cover designs


Any desired option missing?
Have a look at the order forms for even more options, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a customized solution!

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