Mio Move

The tiltable active wheelchair for children

Hardly a tiltable wheelchair is cut out for active use. Conversely, active wheelchairs are not tiltable. But at an early age the combination of both possibilities is extremely important for the body-motoric development. SORG Rollstuhltechnik has now filled this slot with the Mio Move.

To the
frame colors
HMV number:

Seat Width

20-34 cm (+ 2 cm)

Backrest height

25-45 cm (+ 5 cm)

Seat Depth

18-36 cm (+ 3 cm)

Driving wheels



50 kg

Tilting Angle

from -5° to 35°

Mio Move – Overview

Developed individually according to your measurements and needs.

  • perfect combination of active and tiltable wheelchair for children and adolescents starting at 12 months
  • allows easy change between active and passive phases
  • available already at a seat width of 20cm / seat depth of 18cm
  • supports all fundamental development steps through mobility with upright stance
  • growth function in three dimensions
  • seat-back unit tiltable mechanically from -5° to 35° in the physiological turning point
  • adjustable back angle from 78° – 126°
  • back can fold down to the front
  • many cloth, fabric and component options
  • German Aid Index Number


The mechanical tilting


Children want to and should discover their world actively, because apart from the positive effects of self-mobility for the body and mind, the social and emotional skills benefit from this. This way they become a part of our life and our society. The technical solution for this is a new mechanical system for the tilting. This way all active features of the Mio are obtained, but: now  it is tiltable. The therapeutic idea behind this is: In the Mio Move a child can switch between being active and resting without having to change the aid. With this, it can be prevented that the child finds its need to move as a burden. On the other hand,  it can be supported, whenever it is motivated, to mobilize itself.


Active wheelchair and rehab stroller in oneMio-Move-titangrau-petrol

Mobility is an essential part of our nature and non-impaired children develope their own, first crawling and then walking, personalities.  If this process is delayed or doesn’t occur at all, it is the job of the parents and therapists to enable mobility for the child. With the Mio Move we were able to close the gap between an (active) wheelchair and a (passive) stroller.



Use is more versatileMio Move seitlich gekantelt gelb rot

The Mio Move is an ideal aid for a careful switch  out of the passiveness of a  stroller into the activeness of a mobile, self-determined life an makes inclusion possible. Almost all setting and adjustment options of the Mio are also possible on the Mio Move.  And it has the same wide range of equipment as the „normal“ Mio. Additionally, it was developed in such a way that it can also be used for adolescents. Optionally it can grow with the user.

Technical details Mio Move – tiltable wheelchair for children
seat width 20 – 34 cm (+ 2 cm)
seat depth 18 – 36 cm (+ 3 cm)
Back height 24 – 45 cm (+ 5 cm)
lower leg length max. 36 cm
max. weight capacity 50 kg
wheel sizes 20″, 22″, 24″
caster sizes 4″, 5″
seat height 37,5 cm- 43,5 cm
camber 7°, 9° and 11°
back angle 78° – 126°
tilting angle -5° to 35°

Therapeutical approach

The therapeutic idea behind an active wheelchair is, on the one hand, the cautious  mobilisation of small, weak and in their motor functions impaired children and adolescents in a time frame similar to those of non-impaired children. Because in a tiltable active wheelchair a child can change between active and passive phases at its own pace. With this, the risk of excessive demand is prevented and the excitment dealing with mobility stays.On the other hand, through the adjustability of back and seat angle the metabolism, the cardiovascular system, the breathing and the sensory integration (perception) is stimulated in a whole. And incidentally the child can train its reflexes and learn to control them. They are important in order to control the gross motor skills and later the fine motor skills. Only with this, a  certain normality can be reached. With a stroller, this would only happen to a certain extent or possibly not at all.


  • for all therapy forms to preserve and/or build up mobility
  • for all therapy forms used for positioning (also to build up seat shells)
  • for the preservation, buildup and activation of the complete tonicity and/or single muscle groups
  • to stimulate/strengthen the complete metabolism,  vegetative nervous system, breathing and the complete cardio-vascular system
  • to build up and stabilize the sensory integration (perception)
  • for the reactivation after severe (intracranial) traumata
  • for building up and strengthening of the whole skeleton
  • to slow down or limit scoliotic processes as well as the stabilization of scoliosis
  • for the regulation of all forms of dyskinesia
  • with all stable or progressive dystrophic or atrophic changes of the musculature
  • with all forms of paresis and/or neuromuscular diseases
  • with one-sided dominance



Mio Move can grow without purchasing parts (SW + 2 cm, SD opt. + 3 cm, BH + 5cm). With few hand grips the new measurements can be fitted.A long term, over many years confident and lasting use of the aid is guaranteed. Permanent adaptability to the changes of the user when the symptoms or therapeutic approach change.Modular construction system for an easy (also belatedly) upgrade and modification with different equipment components. Finger protection with standard profile wheels. Long use and lifespan through highest technical quality.

Standard Version

  • rigid, highly stabil frame (optional Retro or Taurus form) with 2 differently strong V-shaped abductions
  • seat and back unit tiltable mechanically -5° to 35° in the physiological turning piont
  • adjustable back angle from 78°-126°
  • back can fold down to the front
  • growth funtion in three dimensions
  • side guards with built-in cable brakes
  • light weight driving wheels or profile wheels with built-on hand rims, pneumatic or puncture proof
  • aluminum caster fork with different casters


More Options

  • positioning aids (truss pads, belt systems, anatomically formed seat and back units, head rests etc.)
  • head rest submersible into back unit
  • one-hand aids: double hand rim, one hand steering (with Taurus frame), one hand brake
  • different leg supports ( also split and hinged upward)
  • light weight drum brake wheels ( weight saving up to 1,1kg/pair)
  • carbon parts to reduce weight
  • therapy table
  • abduction wedge
  • leg rest
  • anti-tipper
  • push bail or handles, adjustable in height and angle


Didn’t find the necessary part?
You can find further options in our order form or ask our technicians directly. We are glad to help!


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