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So that people who need all kinds of medical equipment can still be mobile, attend doctor’s appointments and participate in public life, we can equip our wheelchairs and seat shell bases with suitable device holders. Individual solutions must always be found for the various therapy devices, because every user brings their own requirements to the consultation. But we find the right solution for every case.


With this seat shell base, an oxygen supply is placed in the holder below the wheelchair. An oxygen tank is placed on the front left side. On the back there is a holder for the required suction device and at the top of the push handle there is a holder for the pulse oximeter.

What was important here was that the wheelchair remained suitable for car transport.

The seat shell is assembled here by the supervising medical supply store based on an impression or scan.


SORG customized solutions – always a good solution.

Do you have special requirements that no standard system can meet? Then you’ve come to the right place for special constructions from SORG. Put us to the test. Together we will find the right solution for you.
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