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Standing driver for outside and inside with transport option


This special construction was designed for a young girl who cannot sit due to a genetic stiffening of the joints. In its course, the joints of all extremities, including shoulder and hip joints, are affected.

Since she can only walk with great difficulty and then only a few steps, she has to rely on a mobility aid. However, due to the stiffness of her hip joints, she is unable to bend her hips to sit in a wheelchair.

So a standing wheelchair was needed that could be pushed by an accompanying person and that is also equipped with a transport option for the backpack or a basket.


So that she can now participate in life at eye level, we have adapted our Boogie Drive stand-up driver especially for her. The Boogie Drive is usually mostly used indoors and has larger drive wheels with which the user can move forward by him- or herself. So that our young patient can now also use her standing wheelchair outdoors, it has been fitted with appropriate tires. Both the caster wheels and the drive wheels are now suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Since it cannot drive itself, the drive wheels are smaller than with a normal standing driver and height-adjustable push handles have been attached for the accompanying person. Thanks to the push handles and the stable frame geometry of the Boogie Drive, the standing wheelchair can also be tilted very easily. This means that curbs and larger bumps are no problem either.

With her new standing wheelchair, she can now easily transport her backpack and other things. The large transport box offers enough space for this. The standing driver is on duty every day and school attendance or an excursion is finally no longer a difficult adventure.


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