Tilty Vario

Active, tiltable, growable

With Tilty Vario we have developed a tiltable wheelchair equipped with all features of an active wheelchair. Tilty vario gives the more passive children, adolescents and adults the possibility to better their activeness and, with this, their mobility.


To the
frame colors
HMV number:

Seat Width

28 – 44 cm (+ 4 cm)

Backrest height

30 – 50 cm (+ 5 cm)

Seat Depth

30 – 44 cm (+ 4 cm)

Driving wheels

22″ and 24″


90 kg

Tilting Angle

from 0° to +25°


Customized individually to fit your measurements and needs.

  • activity wheelchair with tilting-function
  • perfect adjustment to the therapeutic demands of each individual user, from childhood to adulthood
  • sizes from 28 – 40 cm seat width
  • highly stable rigid frame with 10 cm abduction; also suitable for Pörnbacher therapy methods
  • seat-back-unit completely tiltable by up to 25°
  • back adjustable in angle (80° – 120°) and completely stowable
  • smooth handling with minimized effort
  • growable in three dimensions
  • many cloth, colour and component options
  • German Aid Index N°



Kantelrollstuhl Tilty Vario titangrau eloxal goldorange

Thanks to its  standard growing function in all three dimensions the Tilty Vario can adapt to the development of its users in the long run. Without additional parts it can grow in width up to 4 cm, the seat depth is extendable  up to 4 cm due to the seat supporting angle and the back height can be extended up to 5 cm. This is how Tilty Vario becomes an allrounder with extensive adaptability to the individual therapy needs.


Active or passive? Both are possible

The axle plate is made specifically to allow 20 different positions of the driving wheels. This way, the Tilty Vario can be adjusted very precisely to the physical possibilities of the user and can be used for many different therapy forms. Even with the use of a double handrim, the Tilty Vario stays tiltable without restrictions. It is also suitable for a therapy according to Pörnbacher.


Kantelrollstuhl Tilty Vario schwarz rau eloxal blau nachtblau gekanteltTiltable wheelchair with the possibility of active driving

With the Tilty Vario we have developed a tiltable wheelchair for children, adolescents and adults with all the features of an active wheelchair. The seat-back unit can be tilted up to 25°. Additionally the back angle can be adjusted from 80° up to 120° in intervals, where an almost lying position can be achieved. In the Tilty Vario the more passive users have the option to become active and can thus form independent mobility as far as possible.

Technical details Tilty Vario
seat width 28 – 44 cm (+ 4 cm)
seat depth 30 – 44 cm (+ 4 cm)
back height 30 – 50 cm (+ 5 cm)
weight capactiy 90 kg
wheel sizes 22″ – 24″
caster sizes 4″, 5″, 5,5″, 6″
front seat height 40,5 – 49,5 cm (reduction possible when using hemi-adapter)
rear seat height 37 – 46 cm
camber 3° and 7°
back angle 80° – 120°
tilting angle from 0° to +25°

Therapeutical approach

With our Tilty Vario, we set ourselves the aim to develop a tiltable wheelchair equipped with all features of an activity wheelchair that is furthermore fully adaptable to the long-term development of its young users. The outcome of this approach is Tilty Vario: a light-weight, growable and highly active tiltable wheelchair for children, teenagers and even adults. Due to a frame concept, Tilty Vario does not only feature all therapeutic opportunities of a tiltable wheelchair, but particularly facilitates the sensory and motional activation of its user as well as the training of the remaining bodily strength. Of course, Tilty Vario’s radically reduced weight significantly contributes to these features, and the highly flexible wheel base together with a fixed camber of 7° allows the quick and easy adjustment of all components to the user’s perfect ergonomic position. Thus all preconditions for an active and flexible use of the wheelchair are guaranteed:

  • Tilty Vario’s seat unit can grow by up to 4 cm in width and depth; its back is extendable by up to 5 cm.
  • The seat position is continuously adjustable to the user’s perfect grip point to facilitate driving the wheelchair significantly.
  • The axle plate concept (adjustable up to 10 cm horizontally and 5 cm vertically) supports a highly active location of the user’s balance point, exactly adjustable to his or her individual grade of mobility. The tilting function remains fully active in all possible settings.
  • The axle plate concept also allows differentiated and flexible readjustments of the wheelchair settings to potential alterations of the balance point due to the installation of a seat shell or another positioning system.
  • Even with drum brakes, the distance between wheelchair and side parts remains tight without being altered, and the ergonomically ideal relation of shoulder and rear wheel stays intact.

Tilty Vario is equipped with a gas pressure spring to tilt the chairs’s complete seat-back unit by up to 30°; additionally, the back angle is adjustable by up to 40° and completely stowable to facilitate transportation. Thus Tilty Vario is suitable for many different therapeutic measures such as:

  • the alteration of the spine’s pressure point
  • erecting and stretching the spine
  • positioning the pelvic in an upright position
  • stimulation of the complete vegetative system
  • stimulation of physiological perception as well as
  • stimulating the complete muscle tonus

Vario comes with an enormous range of optional components and equipment which allow the exact adaptation of every single wheelchair to the individual demands of each user. Just have a look at the Measures and Details or at Tilty Vario’s order sheet to see what else is possible.


Tilty Vario’s growable frame and seat parts also serve as effective means for long-term cost reductions in the health service system. Read more about how Tilty Vario’s possible Configurations effecively support the therapeutic approach!

Standard Version

  • rigid aluminium frame with 10 cm abduction
  • seat-back-unit steplessly tiltable by 25°
  • back completely stowable
  • standard wheel lock
  • standard wheels with aluminium handrims, profile wheels with built in handrims
  • pneumatic or solid tyres
  • standard casters in 5“ – 6“ or transparent casters with LEDs
  • many different finish alternatives


Further Options

  • seat extension for growable seat depth; seat lock device
  • anatomically formed seat and back parts
  • different moulded firm back variations
  • many different seat- and back-cover fabrics and designs
  • different types of leg support, adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • spring-loaded leg support
  • special and design wheels
  • drum brake
  • caster equipment and track fixation
  • special handrim covers and inlays
  • different side guards and arm rests
  • different head rests
  • different push handle variations
  • safety wheels with foot control or Transit Safety Wheels
  • different brake lever extensions
  • truss pads
  • single-hand aid and double handrim
  • waist belt and heel loop
  • crutch holder and tipping lever
  • backside bag (attachable to back tubes)
  • different additional stabilizing options
  • therapy table variations
  • hundreds of different spoke cover desings


Any desired option missing?
Have a look at the order forms for even more options, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a customized solution!

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