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Couchette coach

Couchette coaches are now one of our most common special constructions, whereby each couchette coach also places special demands on our creative special construction department.
Frequent inquiries come from clinics or other facilities where the couchette trolleys are used whenever the patient has to be transported lying down and with special requirements.

The areas of application for couchettes are very individual and varied. For example, transportation in a lying position on or in a fixed form made according to an impression or the use of various positioning elements on the lying trolley (for side, back or prone position). A couchette trolley can also be used as a means of transportation (e.g. after an operation) in order to be able to move patients at all. There are many possible applications and we build the desired solution for each one.


This reclining trolley was made for a patient in an inpatient facility. The patient can only be transported lying down. Nevertheless, he should be mobilized to the extent that he can still participate in daily life. He should be able to be driven to treatments (without a care bed) or simply taken outside to get some fresh air.



The couchette trolley was made to the desired dimensions and according to all specifications and then upholstered with positioning elements at the facility. Both side rails should be able to be folded down for repositioning and better care. The trolley is equipped with a tilting mechanism (gas pressure spring) so that the patient can be raised for feeding and also for better participation.


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