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Seat shell base frames

We differentiate between three different frame sizes for our seat shell base. The size of the frame of a seat shell base always depends on the required seat shell. The size 1 is suitable from a seat depth of 32 cm, the size 2 from a seat depth of 38 cm and the size 3 from a seat depth of 44 cm. Below is an overview of the different dimensions that must be taken into account in our seat shell base LoopSORG.


Here are some of the dimensions that must be taken into account with our seat shell base LoopSORG:

Frame width

The frame width describes the distance between the outer edges of the upper frame tubes. The frame can grow by 4 cm in width.

Usable width

The usable width results from the frame width + 4 cm and indicates the distance between the inner edges of the clothes guard.

Overall width

The overall width results from the frame width + 26 cm with a camber of 2 ° with drum brake hub.

Please note: The attachment of restraint systems increases the overall width by 2 cm.

Minimum seat depth

The following minimum seat depths result from the frame sizes:

  • Frame size 1: from 32 cm
  • Frame size 2: from 38 cm
  • Frame size 3: from 44 cm

Please note that the back tubes can be moved backwards up to 6 cm and the legrests can be moved up to 10 cm to the front.

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