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The truss pads support a best possible stabilizing of the user with maximum mobility. They correct, guide and support affected people, who due to various impairments in their torso cannot hold themselves and/or have an impaired muscle tone.

Truss Pads Wheelchairs

Truss Pads

Standard configuration consisting of:

  • connection, set screws with joints and a pad mount
  • Locking mechanism by push button.
  • Easy adjustment and fixation of the joints.
  • Connection adjustable stepless in height.
  • Pad mount fully adjustable in depth.
  • Ball and socket joint at the pads of large truss pads.
  • Pad covers are removable and washable.
  • Extension of joints for both sides.
  • Suitable for Mio, Vector, Vector BSA, Jump alpha, Jump beta, Tilty Vario and Mio Move


Truss pads, foldable, Size 2

Truss pads, foldable, Size. 1, up to max. 35kg

Truss Pad 18×13 cm / 15×10 cm / 10×9 cm / 10×7 cm







Their operation is very easy and self-explanatory. The side truss pads can be folded away by a quick-release button and are adjustable three dimensionally. The truss pad system offers the greatest possible support combined with maximum freedom of movement.


Therapeutic use

They can be used for the following symptoms or support the following therepeutic aims:

  • Cerebral movement disorder,
  • Muscular dystrophy,
  • Spinal muscular atrophy,
  • Distinctive hypotonus (Floppy infant),
  • Apallic syndrome,
  • Paraplegia in the high lumbar region,
  • Neurodegenerative diseases,
  • Neuroorthopedic diseases,
  • Formation and reinforcement of the complete muscular tone,
  • Formation and reinforcement of monitored and controlled movement patterns,
  • Prevention of Skoliosis,
  • Relief, strengthening and stimulation of respiration,
  • Strengthening and stabilization of the complete thoraxmuscular system.

Truss Pads Wheelchairs

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